Thursday, January 12, 2012

RC Roster for PAVS Round 1

RC Red Star will be fielding a team in round 1 of the upcoming Paintball Association of Victoria Series (PAVS) .  Once again, round 1 will be held at Snipers Den in Mirrabin.  Last year they provided a fully netted, beautiful stretch of green grass, providing great play and opportunity to spectate.  Those of us used to playing in South Australia can't get enough of sliding around on that green turf. Ed and I have been hoping to be able to field a 5 man team for a while now.  Thankfully fellow pump enthusiasts Mark, Troy and Brett have joined the roster to field what will surely be the most formidable pump team in Australia.  Seriously, how many could there be? 

Mark aka Scout

Brett... that's some good reffing

Last year, I attended round 1 when playing with team Fusion out of South Australia.  It's not pump paintball, but this video highlights the facilities as well as some of the local talent.

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