Sunday, January 8, 2012

Previous SA Tournaments

To date, RC Aus has only played in local SAPPA events here in South Australia. We are hoping to field a pump team in one of the upcoming PAVS tournaments in Victoria. The pictures below are from SAPPA 3 man Pump tournaments over the last season or two.
Simon aka Funky, Will aka Wimpy and Ed Munchen aka JSC Liason Neo
These are the first 3 jerseys for the Australian RC Red Star team. We changed from black to white tee's because of the extreme heat here in South Australia. Even in Virginia, during a long day of sun, we questioned the black tee's... but then we remembered how hard the look. Everything's in a bit of a USSR font. On the right sleeve is the Chinese character for 'rooster'. I miss the 'agg rooster' from the other jerseys, but I wasn't about to make that into a stencil again. Also don't miss the 'bomb' symbol on the bottom left. I think they came out pretty well considering I was using stencils and spraypaint. Unfortunately these are 2xl and aren't quite the size I'd like... but it's a start. Unfortunately, the paint stains looked quite undignified.

Ed, Will and Wagon aka Wags.

Wags, Ed, Will

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