Friday, July 6, 2012

Red Star at SAPPA 3, 2012

Red Star entered a team in the SAPPA 3 man series round 4 a few weeks ago.  Well… we sort of entered a 3 man team.  Scout and I (Wimpy) entered a team, but we knew that Troy and Bretty, who play for RC, were going to enter a KAOZ team.  KAOZ has been a long standing fixture of the South Australian paintball scene.  They are always a bunch of good guys, and like I said, when they aren’t shooting semi’s they are bleeding RC.  So the game plan was that Troy and Brett would grab a pump and help us out when we were up, and we’d grab a pump and help them when they were up.  It worked out well, as when we faced each other it was an even 2 on 2.  I use the word ‘even’ lightly, as KAOZ tore us up pretty good.  That’s partially my fault because in one game Scout and I decided on our break out, but when the whistle blew I forgot what we’d decided.  As a consequence Scout and I both ended up in the same bunker.  Troy loved this as not too many people are given the opportunity to bunker too people out of the same dorrito. 

Long story short, RC finished 5th and KAOZ finished 1st.  I was reasonably happy with these results as there was another team that was down a player and RC and KAOZ also filled in for them.  Many of us played twice as much paintball as others…. Suckers.  Brett and Troy were pretty gracious in thanking us for helping them take the day… to some minor extent.  And Scout and I are always psyched to have them play with us.  The KAOZ guys have even travelled all the way to Victoria to rep RC, like I said, when they aren’t shooting semi’s they bleed RC.  I’d certainly return the favour to KAOZ as well.  I had a blast balling with you guys… I even pulled out a 1 v 2 for yáll… aren’t you the guys with machine guns? 

Finally, I want to introduce the new ‘Ball Buster Bing’.  Though RC Red Star has made a consistent habit of  Hurtin’Feelings, we have yet to make the podium in any tournament.  I’m sure it’s in the cards, but I thought I’d introduce a team MVP/Best and Fairest award to pass around from one day of play to another.  Cue the Ball Buster Bling.  It’s a few old school barrel plugs painted gold and attached to some brass chains a la Mr. T.  The winner of one day is obligated to bestow it on it’s next recipient on the following day of play.  On it’s debut, Scout was the proud recipient of the Ball Buster Bling.  Reports have it that he was seen wearing it to work the next day.  In all seriousness, he carried the team on the day.  David Portlock made that abundantly clear when I showed him the bling and explained it.  His response was simply, “So you’ll be giving that to Scout to day huh?” To be fair, I had racked up a fair few miles walking to the dead box at this point in the day.  To my credit, I shot David in the barrel later.

Anyhoo… a day of paintball was had by all.  RC Red Star video highlights found below.  I’ll cut together some footage of the rest of the teams soon… but this ain’t yo blog is it!?!


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