Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RC Aus Training

Yesterday, Troy and I met up at Skirmish SA for impromptu gun slinging training.  Troy wanted to work a few things out on his new Empire Sniper and I’ll take any chance I can to practice my gun skills.  You all aren’t meant to know this, but I’m really bad at paintball.  We had a lazy morning of hanging out with the Rough boys from Skirmish SA, tinkering with guns, getting mauled by blood thirsty ants etc.  As it was just the two of us we had some one on one games on the tire field.  Afterwards, we did some break out shooting practice that I found very helpful.  It was a pretty laid back day, but I have sore legs as a result of the break out drills and a sore forehead as a result of Troy’s ninja skills.  We are slowly building our roster, but want to keep building momentum as we have a goal of maintaining a presence in the PAVS series in Victoria.  As these tournaments require significant travel on our behalf, it’s just that much more difficult to field teams consistently.  One step at a time we will get there.  Next week is SAPPA round 3 and RC will be entering a team.  The following weekend is PAVS round 3 and we are pulling strings and calling in favours to get as many players rallied as we can.  More details to follow.  Below is a video clip from a training session RC had in preparations for PAVS round 1.  Though we had some cardio/run and gun drills, most of the video is comprised of ‘dodge ball’ and ‘the bottle game’.  Check them out if you don’t already know them, they are good fun.

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